What Is It?
QuFTP is a command line ftp client for Linux. It supports the selection of multiple files for upload and download, which are transfered with one command.
  • Select an unlimited number of files for upload or download
  • Full scripting ability
  • Command Line Completion
  • Work with multiple FTP servers simultaneously
  • Transfer files directly between servers
  • Transfer any size files of any type
Getting QuFTP
Check out the Project page for links to download the lastest release.
This page is generously hosted by SourceForge.net. They provide a huge suite of web-based tools to all and any opensource projects.

One of the features they offer is a web-based bug tracking system. Please submit any and all bug notifications you have at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/quftp. Thanks.

You can contact the author (David Parrish) at david@dparrish.com.